About Salle Mauro


The origins of a fencing salle come from old French, referring to a “room/reception hall to practice fencing”. Usually the term “salle” is followed by the “fencing masters” name so one could identify the different fencing salles within a giving area.

The coaching team at our Houston fencing school is dedicated to improving your fencing skill at arms. We are one of the few schools in Houston and Texas to employ fencing instructors of the highest caliber in all three weapons. Our coaching team have proven their abilities time and time again by developing fencers to the world class level.

Salle Mauro fully supports the recreational fencer and we strive to provide an exciting, fun outlet with fencing lessons for kids or anyone in Houston interested in pursuing the sport in a relaxed manner.

However, what sets us apart from other fencing schools is our focus on achievement and success. Fencers with more ambitious dreams of National Titles and Olympic Medals will find our staff know exactly how to develop them to the level they aspire to.

Our main fencing school location is located near Rice and the Houston Medical center on Bellaire and Stella Link. However, Salle Mauro has a number of other convenient locations around Houston where we conduct our lessons for kids, adults, and students of all levels

Weekly Houston fencing lessons for kids, both group and private, as well as consistent practices are mandatory for young fencers interested in both polishing their skills and in competing. However, a short-term, intensive work-out is periodically necessary in order to really pin down and master a certain skill.

Salle Mauro Fencing Academy’s core training program is regularly augmented with camps and clinics during the summer months (June through August), as well as over winter and spring school breaks. For four or five hours a day, campers at our Houston fencing school have the opportunity to experience unprecedented, in-depth training in footwork, bladework, and bouting, with video analysis available for catching mistakes instantaneously, and games to blow off some steam (while reinforcing key skills, of course). For the beginning fencer, we also offer introductory camps.