Birthday Parties

Birthday Party

Birthday Party With Salle Mauro Fencing

When it’s time to plan your child’s next birthday, wouldn’t you like to enjoy a well organized party?

Are you looking for a fun, new idea this year for your child’s Birthday party?

A Fencing Birthday will capture everyone’s imagination and attention with fencing games, and dueling. Invite up to 20 friends for two hours of swashbuckling fun!


Only $300

The package includes:

  • Games
  • Fencing for fun

The party is scheduled for two hours for 4-year olds and up. The first 30 minutes is used for warming up, stretching , fencing games and fencing footwork. The class will follow and last approximately 60 minutes followed by fencing and a fencing game at the end . Parents may video and take pictures of the fencing . The remaining 30 minutes is for cake and gifts. The fencing academy will supply coaches , music, table and chairs. Parents are responsible for everything else needed for the party. We are happy to accommodate special music or theme requests. A confirmed head count is appreciated at least two days prior to the date.

Birthday party details
For kids 4-years and up
Party lasts for 2 hours:
30 minutes warming up ,stretching exercises and fencing footwork .
60 minute fencing and fencing games
30 minute cake time

Parent supplies
Cake, beverages, and party decorations
Video or photography

Fencing academy supplies
Coaches , music, tables and chairs
We are happy to accommodate special music or theme requests

Party fees

$300 for 20 fencers

$10 for each additional fencer

For reservations, please call us at 832-778-8745

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